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“ You’re Right” March 2020, 14” x 17”. Unframed mixed media collage

This collage was very spontaneous, I just enjoyed the dueling images, the splatter of paint, and all the pencil work was just impromptu and came out of nowhere. And I had some poppy images which is one my favorite flowers, perhaps MY favorite flower. After studying it for a while the title came to me because of the line that I had drawn, for no reason but to draw it... and when I measured it it was not a right angle to the paper so that was one reason it’s called, “You’re Right”, Because I like the idea that it’s not at a right angle. it’s a play on image and words and I’d like the use of the number 2. Using text can be an interesting element to a visual art piece. There’s so many other thoughts and layers to this piece that I could go on and on but for now I’ll leave it there.

“ You’re Right” March 2020, 14” x 17”. Mixed Media Collage Unframed

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