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“Sin Yous” October 2018, 12” x 15”. This piece is a play on the sound of the word sinews for the title. But also, the complexity of what it means to sin, and and what the concept of sinning is. The image really was about focusing on the sinews of the body, And that Latin line, “amor vincit omnia”.... “love conquers all”, has created intense tension inside of me several times that artwork was created from it in order to deal with it. This Latin phrase also gives my title a connection with the idea of what is love and the right type of love, it brought up the line in my head of Lord Alfred Douglas from the poem, “Two Loves”... ‘ I am the love that dare not speak it’s name.’ Which is a euphemism for homosexuality. And I’m sure my punctuation is all over the place, I should get grammerly. But you get the gist. 

“Sin Yous” October 2018, 12” x 15”. Framed Photo Collage

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