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This collage was a very spirited and a quickly done one, I wanted to just cut images out without thinking about them at all and then throw things together, which isn’t unlike what I usually do, but usually I take my time and this time I forced a speed. I like the dynamism of this one. And the title comes from a very personal story, growing up on a ranch, my grandfather had caught a cardinal for me once, And placed it in a cage, a gift to me. Wild things should not be kept in cages. No matter how beautiful. Anyway, The story ends there for now, it’s too complex and convoluted to put into this description of my collage. But all of those feelings, that I had looking at this beautiful cardinal caught in a cage, were brought up when I stepped back and looked at this collage.

A Bird In The Hand, 11"x14" Photo Collage, April 2021

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