I was born in Texas, now living in New York City, via London. I graduated from, or rather survived, a private southern Baptist university in a tiny Texas town. Learning much about myself, my world and a little about art. After graduating I lapsed into non-art related management roles and slowly lost myself to the comfortableness of that life. I was losing my artistic drive little by little ignoring the dust settling and slowly building upon unfinished sculptures. Convincing myself of my happiness. Then suddenly a couple of milestones, a birthday, not so sweet sixteen anymore and a letter from my bosses congratulating me on my time with them; the last job was only supposed to be a pit stop to get to a place where I can work on my art. I decided to search for myself, and recently found me and my neglected art. I dusted us off, and gave my sculptures what they had been waiting a decade for,completion. I have returned to my senses, my art, and my dreams with a new focus that I had misplaced after university. I have lost my "Comfortable Life" in order to live. I finally own calling myself an artist.


11/2008 Art Gothams 6th Square Foot Show/Election 2008, NEW YORK CITY2/2008 THE CENTER NYC 25TH ANNIVERSARY Group show, NEW YORK CITY4/13/2007 Single night solo show at La Maison Chapel Blanc, LONDON5/2004 Best of show Career Day Fashion Competition, DALLAS5/2004 First place in category of Fantasy/Evening Career Day Fashion Competition, DALLAS4/03 Second place El Centro fashion competition, DALLAS1/2001 Fashion Art Event at Atomic one night only AUSTIN4/1997 Best Of Show, Pegasus ArtCompetition, BELTON, TEXAS4/1994 Granted Lillian Shelton Harral Speech Award, and

scholarship,BELTON, TEXAS

6/1993 Museum Choice Award, Bell County Museum, BELTON, TEXAS4/1993 Granted James Mosely Memorial Art Scholarship,Bell Fine

Arts Association, BELTON, TEXAS

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