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Diego Vela is a an artist with skill in varied mediums, sculpture, painting, collage, photography, and printmaking. He received his art Degree from The University of Mary Harding Baylor, as well as studied fashion in Dallas, and London.  Diego has participated in group shows internationally and a solo show in new York City. Diego lives in New York City but has also resided in London, Bad Hersfeld Germany, Colorado Springs Colorado, and various cities in Texas. Currently,  Diego’s collage infuses a fashion element into his emotional, pensive and politically driven art. 


5/2020 “Rose Quartz”: A Contemporary Collection, Envision Arts, NEW YORK CITY


4/2020 “Art In Isolation”: A Contemporary Collection, Envision Arts, NEW YORK CITY


2/2019 “Black and White”: A Fine Art Collective, Envision Arts, NEW YORK CITY


11/2018 “Untethered”, Group show, NOGO ARTS, Brooklyn, NEW YORK CITY


5/2017 “Radical Resistance to Xenophobia”, Group show, NEW YORK CITY


5/2014 “Delicate Identity”, Solo Show, Bureau of General Services-Queer division, NEW YORK CITY


11/2008 “Art Gothams 6th Square Foot Show/Election 2008”, Group Show, NEW YORK CITY




4/13/2007 Single night solo show at La Maison Chapel Blanc, LONDON


5/2004 Best of show Career Day Fashion Competition, DALLAS


5/2004 First place in category of Fantasy/Evening Career Day Fashion Competition, DALLAS


4/03 Second place El Centro fashion competition, DALLAS


1/2001 Fashion Art Event at Atomic one night only AUSTIN


4/1997 Best Of Show, Pegasus ArtCompetition, BELTON, TEXAS


4/1994 Granted Lillian Shelton Harral Speech Award, and  

           scholarship,BELTON, TEXAS


6/1993 Museum Choice Award, Bell County Museum, BELTON, TEXAS


4/1993 Granted James Mosely Memorial Art Scholarship,Bell Fine  

           Arts Association, BELTON, TEXAS

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