d i e g o v e l a

My work is collaborative; the impulse comes from inspiration but the result is a communication between my initial concept and the work itself. The sculptures in their own subtlety dictate the end results; the materials give certain characteristics that inform that process.

My inspiration is broad. Tribal culture, or rather the crafts and materials used by tribal culture, infuse my work. I find my inspirations in everything around me; from the broadness of sex, sexuality and nature, to the specific-ness of an insect's leg, or a red blood cell, For example. My sculptures organic nature is in contrast to their manipulated silhouette, and the use of found (man made)objects add to that dichotomy.

My more recent work has been influenced by my work in the fashion industry, adding fashion colours and fabrics to the language of my art. This new influence fits with the overall breadth of my work, for my sculptures when reduced are a strong silhouette, thus fashion shoots and editorials are reflected in that composition. Currently, I work in a living process, rather than create bodies of works in a form of a series; each new sculpture or painting adds to the lexicon of my visual language.

Recently, due to my move to NYC and the lack of space I have started to work with soft sculpture, and have returned to painting which in the passed years has been a secondary outlet for my creative drive.