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d i e g o v e l a

My work for the most part is infused with iconography based in pagan religions or non-western civilizations. Totems from civilizations around the world and ancient Greek imagery has been an influence upon my work. The concept of imbuing an object with one’s psychological baggage, or emotional stress in order to then elevate it from your own soul has been a great conversation and the breadth of my work. Learning much about myself, my world and a little about art. Most of my “Learned” skill comes from just delving into new mediums to satisfy the compulsion to create.


I work in many mediums, but currently have been focused on collage.  I had use transparency paper, and photographs that I took in order to create a layered look and to give the work a delicate almost stained glass effect…but due to the current COVID-19 isolation situation, I have been forced to rely on paper and my hand…as well as some lingering transparencies that I had left over.

It brings to my mind the quote of Ingres, “Drawing is the probity of art.”

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